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Fr. Alois Appointed to Passau, Germany

by Donal Bergin

Sad to say that Fr. Alois has been appointed back to Bavaria (Germany) from this August after four years here in the parish of St Teresa’s. Fr. Alois has made a wonderful contribution to the life of the parish during these years and will be greatly missed. During these years he has put his personal, […]

Pastoral Parcel 15

by Donal Bergin

Pastoral Parcel is an initiative in the parish to stay in touch and to nourish the community of faith in ways other than in the church building. We hope it is of some support and help to those who receive it. The new Pastoral Parcel (Number 15) has been distributed door-to-door or via email to […]

Those Baptised in 2020

by Donal Bergin

The Parish Team has sent a hand written card to all families of children who were baptised in 2020 as we could not invite them for a common Mass as we normally would. Congratulations again and God bless for your children!

Feast of St. Peter Chanel on 28th April

by Donal Bergin

Wednesday 28th April is the Feast of St. Peter Chanel. He was a Marist priest and a martyr who died in the Pacific in 1841. You find him in the Marist shrine in the church. He stands for the missionary dimension of church. On his feast day, the Marists also pray for vocations to the […]

Thank You for Your Financial Contributions

by Donal Bergin

THANK YOU for all your financial contributions to the weekly envelopes, Easter Dues, Trócaire, donations, collections, etc. We could afford a few repair works in the church and save a few bob for the big party once that is allowed.