We appeal to everyone to show responsibility in relation to personal hygiene as a key measure at this time.   It may be useful to wear gloves.

The Archdiocese of Dublin and all Parishes have received the above general advice about preventing the spread of COVID–19 during religious services.  This advice and guidance for the wellbeing and health of everybody.  The specific changes in practices include the following:

  • Not to shake hands as an expression of the sign of peace or on greeting or departing from services.
  • Only receive Holy Communion in the hands and not on the tongue.
  • Eucharist Ministers wash hands or use hand gel before distribution of communion.
  • Not to use the Holy Water Font.
  • Only the main celebrant should drink from the chalice.


Parish Newsletter: Take one, use it, then take it home or bin it in the church (extra container).

Collections: 4 containers will be available for First, Share and Envelope collections. Please simply deposit your contributions before or after mass. Someone will guard and then remove these containers after each mass.  We thank you for your most generous contributions as always.

Hymn books: only used by the choir.

Ministries: anything to be handed will be done so with disposable gloves.

No Kingdom Café (Thursdays) for the time being.

Visit by a priest: Please understand that this is much reduced (not permitted in hospitals and nursing homes). Feel free to contact us.

See ‘Text-A-Parishioner’ for an alternative form of communication with your parish.

Hand wash dispensers have been installed at the entrance to the church, the sanctuary and the parish house. Tissues and bins for the disposal of tissues are also available in the church.

The direction from the Diocese is available by clicking here.

The full guidance from the HSE is available on display at the back of the church or by clicking here

The parish / diocese will continue to update you on best practice in this regard.


Weekend and weekday Masses have been cancelled until further notice.  We take the liberty to ask people to reduce numbers i.e. for a baptism and funerals and also some special intentions.

Please respect a social distance of two metres.

The Sunday obligation to attend mass is dispensed with for now.

First Holy Communion: For the moment, we presume it will go ahead albeit with reduced preparation and possibly reduced participants.

The church is open for prayer, reflection lighting a candle – this takes on a new importance in this time.