Fr. Enda Cunningham from Westland Row Parish will confirm the two groups of youths preparing for this Sacrament since September, on Thursday 12th March at 11.30 a.m.  Please reserve the upper pews to the young people, their sponsors and parents.  Remember all in your prayer.

The Sacrament wants young people to confirm what has begun in Baptism at this stage of their life.  This sacrament concludes the rites of Christian Initiation.

The names of those to receive this sacrament are: Alex Fahy, Bobby Boyle, Brayden Adeboye, Jamie O’Doherty, Kenzie Fitzgerald, Patrick Duffy, Paul Redmond, Serif Ali Ozdemir, Tadhg Ward, Faith Farrell, Holly Lynch, Lacey McClean, Zara-Leigh Rafferty, Coco Bell Doherty, Daniel Sampson, James Arthur, James Doyle, Jasper Healy, Jude Rogers, Marco Manselli, Niamh Dwyer, Rory Winslow, Senan McAuley, Dylan Madden, Mason Sarsfield, Luke McKone.