On behalf of the Parish Team and Marist Community (Alois, Tom, Sam, Teresa, Maria, John and David), I want to thank the parishioners and friends of St Teresa’s for a most wonderful celebration of Christmas.  We have prayed together; prepared the church and the liturgies together; sang together; supported and cared for each other; buried respectfully those who have died; welcomed many visitors to the masses on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day; prayed for those far away but close to our heart; donated and contributed to so many different charities and appeals; as well as contributed so generously as always to the upkeep and development of the parish and diocese; and much more besides.

I know at the same time, that so many people feel deeply the presence of absent family members who are deceased or away from home; or who just feel the sadness associated with changing circumstances of life.

I pray that 2019 will bring deep peace, courage, wisdom and joy to the hearts and lives of all parishioners and friends of St Teresa’s and an abiding and unshakable sense of the presence of God in their lives.   Fr David.