Since the change in the health guidance on 6th September, we are permitted to have 50% of the capacity of St. Teresa’s present for services. This allows for 146 people. This means that there can be three individuals on each of the long seats and two on the shorter ones. Family households are encouraged to sit together.  The usual routine of cleaning and disinfecting will continue. The stewards will remain available for assistance at each Mass.

The health guidance for religious services and ceremonies will change on
22nd October, in line with national guidelines. There is a growing sense within the faith community of St Teresa’s that we will leave the seats in the church the way they are, that we continue with the distribution of communion the way we do now. We would welcome your views on this and please bring any concerns you may have to our attention.

Please continue to follow all the public health measures in place in St. Teresa’s to combat the spread of Covid-19. These measures are as follows:-

  • Social distancing
  • Please wear a mask
  • Please sanitise your hands on the way in and out of the church
  • Please remain in the pew when receiving holy communion
  • Please do not kneel if there is a person in the seat in front of you
  • Please take the Mass leaflet home with you or dispose of it in the bin at the exits
  • Please use the one way entrance/exit system

Many thanks to those who volunteer to guide us in all this as stewards for each Mass. Please bring anything you notice or feel uncomfortable about to the attention of the stewards.

Mass is still available online via the webcam for those who feel safer to stay at home.

If you wish to receive Holy Communion at home, please let one of the Parish Team know and they will make the arrangements.

Zoono is the brand name of the product we use to help keep St Teresa’s virus free and protected. The church is treated every 30 days. The certificate is on the parish notice board.  Because the church is disinfected regularly and thoroughly, we only need to clean the high touch points and to ventilate the church after each Mass.

Mass times on Sundays remain at the usual times of 6.30pm (Vigil), 10am, 11am and 12.30pm.

Mass time on Weekdays (Monday to Saturday) is at 10am. There is also a Mass on Monday evenings at 7.30 p.m.

Live instrumental music will continue at all weekend Masses.

The church is open from 9am to 5pm each day.