As you know, in compliance with government restrictions on movement and gathering, the Dublin Archdiocese has decided that it will not be possible to hold public Sunday or Weekday Masses until further notice.  In the meantime as a faith community we remain in spiritual communion with one another and with God.

The announcements on Friday 1st May and the roadmap out of the current restrictions, points to Public Masses returning in July. This is very hard for us as faith community.

When public masses do return along with other larger social gatherings, we imagine it will be with social distancing, sanitisers, personal hygiene and maybe reduced numbers.  All of this is possible in St.Teresa’s and we await with longing in our hearts for the pressing of the “start” for it all to return.  In the meantime we will continue with other spiritual and personal bonds, such as: Facebook, the delivery of newsletters, texts, phone calls, emails, etc.  Stay safe.

The Parish Team