The Miscarriage Association of Ireland Annual Service of Remembrance will take place in our Church on Sunday 11th of November at 3 p.m.

This year is the Miscarriage Association of Ireland’s 30th anniversary and they remember with love all their precious babies.

This Service is a very special occasion for all who have lost babies and gives them the opportunity to share their experience with others who have also suffered the loss of a child.

It is a time to remember and if possible come to terms with personal loss.  It is also a time to recognise that for a time, however short, parents had the privilege of sharing a relationship with their child. This little life had a meaning and it is necessary for parents to give attention to this existence.  Parents may not always understand the “why” but for those who have been able to move on, their lives have been enriched by this painful but hugely significant time of their life.

The Miscarriage Association of Ireland extends a very warm welcome to  all and would suggest that they make a note of this date in their diary.  Refreshments will be available afterwards in the church to give people the opportunity to have a chat with others attending the service. Their Book of Remembrance will also be available on the day if parents wish to make an entry. The Miscarriage Association of Ireland hope to see parents there.  Please also see their website by clicking here.