On Saturday 16th June 2018, Tom Kouijzer SM was ordained a priest in his home parish in the Basilica of Hulst in the Netherlands.  On Sunday 17th June 2018, he celebrated his first Mass.  Frs. John and David, along with six parishioners from Donore Avenue Parish, were present for the celebrations.

It was a wonderful celebration with Tom’s family, friends, neighbours, Marist Confreres from around Europe and local people.  A reception was held in the Basilica not unlike the way we use the back of St. Teresa’s for receptions.   The Basilica and town of Hulst are beautiful and the weather was wonderful also. Some photographs of the Ordination are available here.  Other photographs are available on the parish Facebook page and the Marist Fathers Europe Facebook page by clicking here

You can read more about Fr. Tom’s Ordination and more photographs by logging on to the Marist Fathers in Ireland website and reading the June 2018 EuroInfo or by clicking here and reading the SM Bulletin dated 29th June 2018 or by clicking here.

We wish Tom every blessing and happiness for this new stage in the service of the Gospel at the beginning of his priestly ministry.  

On Sunday 24th June 2018, Fr. Tom celebrated his first Mass with us in Donore Avenue at 12.30 p.m.   This included the opportunity to receive the First Blessing of the Newly Ordained Priest.  Refreshments were served after Mass.  You can see photographs of the ceremony by clicking here.

As was previously announced, Fr. Tom has been re-appointed to Donore Avenue parish for the years ahead.