Pastoral Parcel is an initiative in the parish to stay in touch and to nourish the community of faith in ways other than in the church building. We hope it is of some support and help to those who receive it.

The new Pastoral Parcel (Number 14) has been distributed door-to-door or via email to parishioners and friends of St. Teresa’s. If you haven’t received a copy, please let us know by ringing the Parish Office at 01-4542425 and we will deliver/email one to you.

Pastoral Parcel Number 14 (PP14) includes an Easter Card showing the timetable for Liturgical Celebrations during Holy Week. It also includes the parish Newsletter for the period from Sunday 28th March to Saturday 17th April inclusive, showing the Mass intentions for the next three weeks. The PP14 pack includes the Mass readings and reflections for Sundays 28th March (Palm Sunday), 4th April (Easter Sunday) and 11th April (Second Sunday of Easter) so please keep the respective pages for the three weeks or see the links below.

You can read of the experiences of five parishioners who have received the vaccine. There is the story of the Cracked Pot. Following on from earlier items, Geraldine Conlon, Psychotherapist helps us to find meaning in these difficult times.

Five of our young parishioners put seven searching questions to each member of our Parish Team. You can read their replies. PP14 includes the contact details of Sr Eilish and Sr Carmel from the Bethany Support Group in the parish. They are available to anyone who would like to have the opportunity to talk through things, especially in relation to grief and sorrow during these times. There are two lovely recipes to try for Easter. There is a colouring page, word search and some jokes. Thanks to everyone who provided material for PP14 those who put it together and delivered it.

You can view or download the contents of Pastoral Parcel 14 and the Readings and Reflections for the next three Sundays by clicking on the links below.

The Parish Team

Pastoral Parcel 14

Easter Card showing the timetable for Liturgical Celebrations during Holy Week

Sunday 28 March – Passion (Palm) Sunday – Readings and Reflection

Sunday 4 April – Easter Sunday – Readings and Reflection

Sunday 11 April – Second Sunday of Easter – Readings and Reflection