On Thursday 6th February after the 10 a.m. mass, there was an information session (including a display) on possible changes to the parish property.

A while ago St. Teresa’s Parish/Dublin Diocese was approached about assisting with the development of new sporting facilities in the local area.  The provision of such sporting facilities is a great need in the locality and one that the parish and Archdiocese see as essential for the youth of the area.  Along with this, the proposals also include some direct advantages for the parish itself; creating new parish facilities – parish house and parish pastoral centre, a reduced amount of property which is costly to maintain and setting up the parish well for the future.  The parish property is owned by the Dublin Archdiocese and they are fully informed and supportive of these proposals.

On Thursday 6th February after the 10 a.m. Mass the proposals for possible changes to the parish property will be explained along with the advantages they will bring to the parish now and into the future.

The drawings for these possible changes are currently displayed at the back of the church so that as many parishioners and friends of St. Teresa’s can view them.  Members of the Parish Team will be available to answer questions.

No agreement has been reached yet, discussions are ongoing and the commercial elements of the deal, naturally enough, remain confidential.   If and when a formal agreement is reached between the diocese and potential purchaser, the elements of the deal will be made known in the parish.