Dear Parishioners and Friends of St. Teresa’s

Please read this information carefully before coming to Mass!

We celebrated the last public mass on the evening of 24 March.  Since then, the priests continued to offer Mass daily, especially for the Mass intentions given.  Mass is back from Monday, 29th of June 2020!  However, not as we have been used to.  The pandemic imposes caution.  What does this mean in practice?

1 Weekday Mass at 10 a.m.  As usual in July-August there will be no Monday Evening mass.  The Kingdom Café remains closed.

2 Sunday Masses:  The Mass times remain the same.  This may need to be revised.

3 Sunday obligation continues to be dispensed with and is also fulfilled by going to a weekday Mass.

4 Vulnerable groups are still asked to stay away from bigger gatherings like Mass.

Those who choose to stay at home are welcome to contact us about bringing Holy Communion to the house! 

Those who come to Mass:  You do not have to book online.  You may feel more comfortable wearing a mask (advisory).  There may be further guidance from the government on this. 

5 Before Mass:  Please try to come early to facilitate the seating.  Keep social distancing outside the church.  You will notice a one-way system.  Entrance is the usual middle door.  Exit doors are in the back of the church and to the right of the altar (ramp was added!).

Please pay attention that the toilet cannot be used due all these restrictions!

6 At the door, stewards will be present to assist.  We ask you:

*to sanitize your hands,

*to note that collections are by donations into designated baskets in the entrance area,

*to take a newsletter or bin it on the way out

*to sit at designated places (‘Rainbow’-sticker!),

*not to shake hands for the sign of peace, and

*to remain in your seat as Holy Communion will be brought to you.

7 During Mass

There will be only one reading for the time being.

Seating in the church: the pews are set apart for social distancing.  Two per big pew, side pews for one person or for persons from the same household.  Please ensure during Mass that if you are kneeling that you don’t compromise the two metre safety zone of the person seated in front of you.

Lay ministers will be seated in the first pews (near additional hand sanitizers).

We can accommodate 90 people in the church but as you are aware the current Government guidelines restrict gatherings indoors to 50. Please watch this space for changes to the numbers allowed to attend Mass.  Please note that our seating capacity may also impact on our ability to facilitate all Mass intentions.  In order to stay within our number, we may need to arrange different dates for some intentions so that we do not have too many people inside the church.

You will find respective signs in the church. Please read those carefully or ask the stewards.

There will be no offertory procession and no common singing.  We will have instrumental music or tape music.  This will result in a more quiet Mass.  On the one hand a pity, on the other hand it can promote a prayerful atmosphere.

Please leave the church by the designated exits: back of the church, to the right of the altar.  Please leave in good time as volunteers need to disinfect the church for the Mass following.

8 Weddings, baptisms and funerals

These special moments will be celebrated.  However, the above measures will be in place.  Please contact the parish house for information.  For all those who passed away since the middle of March we created a memorial space in our church.  If any of the families concerned wish to arrange a memorial mass for their relative please contact the Parish Team.