The Triduum to St. Teresa is a three day event which calls us to pray to St. Teresa for all of our intentions. This year as usual the Triduum was celebrated at the 7.30 p.m. Mass on Tuesday 29th September, Wednesday 30th September and Thursday 1st October (her feast day). However, this year was a little different with no public Masses. Instead Mass was live streamed on the parish webcam. This year we invited front-line workers from different sections of society to share about their experiences of how faith in this time of pandemic allowed them to experience hope in their lives.

The guest speaker on the opening night, Tuesday 29th September, was Anita Dermody, a mother and teacher from our parish in Donore Avenue who lives and works locally. Anita shared with us her experiences of going online to teach her students, as well as home schooling her own children, the challenges and the struggles but also where she found hope in the midst of the pandemic. She shared a wonderful testimony about her life during the pandemic and her perspective on how to hold onto the simple things to get us through this hard time. You can see Anita’s testimony by clicking here.

The guest speaker on the middle night, Wednesday 30th September, was Deirdre Sullivan. Funeral directors and undertakers have been at the front line since the beginning of the pandemic. Dealing with families who are bereaved at any time of the year takes a strong and dedicated person, but in the midst of a pandemic, with reduced contact between the deceased and their families before death, reduced numbers allowed to be in attendance at the funerals and social distancing protocols to follow throughout, their job is made all the harder. Deirdre is a funeral director in Rom Massey’s in Dolphin’s Barn. She shared a wonderful reflection of her work and experiences with bereaved families throughout this challenging time. It is a powerful insight into the services they provide that are almost overlooked when we think about front-line workers. You can see Deirdre’s testimony by clicking here.

The guest speaker on the last night, Thursday 1st October, the feast of St. Teresa was Anne Mc Laughlin. Anne works as a nurse in a hospital here in Dublin. During the time of pandemic, visitor numbers are reduced, families are scared, patients are isolated from their loved ones, doctors and nurses are stretched to capacity. Anne shared with us her experiences of being a nurse working on the front line during these difficult times and how her faith has sustained her throughout her life and work, but more so during this pandemic. St. Teresa showered her with yellow roses through symbol and scent. What an amazing response to her prayers! You can see Anne’s testimony by clicking here.

We were blessed over the three days of the Triduum to have beautiful music provided by our resident musicians Maria Geheran and Feilimidh Nunan. They were joined for the last night by Barbara and Kenneth. It’s crazy to think that churches are the only place to catch live music at the moment. We thank all our musicians for enhancing our liturgy with such beautiful melodies. Click here to hear them singing St. Teresa’s hymn.