Thank you again to all parishioners and friends of St. Teresa’s who continue to contribute to the running costs and services of the parish through the weekly envelope collection.  This envelope collection is the primary source of income for the parish and we are grateful for all contributions.    

Anybody who has not yet received a box of envelopes for 2018 and would like to do so can collect them from the sacristy at any of the masses this weekend.

Envelopes can be returned through a collector or during Mass.  If returned during Mass, these envelopes are separated from the First Collection and the SHARE collection later.

The First Collection and the SHARE collection are sent to the Dublin Diocese for financing the wider needs of the diocese.

If you are aware of others (neighbours, friends, family) who would be willing to support the services of the parish, by the making of a weekly contribution, please let us know or arrange for them to receive a box of envelopes.

There is more information on the notice board regarding the various collections.