To mark June as the month of the Sacred Heart, the parish begins a series of five short videos from our Church.  The videos reflect on the wounds of Christ and our wounds.  The total giving of Christ – “Last Supper” – “Calvary”.  Our giving is of a more limited variety but it is, however, in communion with the giving of Christ.  The first  video focuses on the Sacred Heart window in the sanctuary.  Please click here to see this video.

On the Feast of the Sacred Heart we continue our Wounds in the Church videos.  We look at the Stations of the Cross.  The Stations of the Cross illustrate with great intensity the literal wounds and scars in our church with all the little damages and scratches and missing pieces and missing colour.  The Stations of the Cross direct us to the wounds of Christ who suffered for us and all who suffer from wounds and hurts, violence and abuse. Each Station is a drama on this same theme.  Please click here to see this video.

John the Baptist in time points to and baptises Jesus.  Through baptism we become members of the Church.  Our third short video during the month of June speaks of five wounds of the Church.  In our Parish Pastoral Plan 2020-25 we want to offer an open hand to people hurt by the Church.  How can wounds caused by the Church itself be healed? We pray for forgiveness and to forgive.  Please click here to see this video.

St. Teresa, our church patron, went through the ‘dark night of faith’ during the last 18 months of her life.  Only an immense act of faith brought her out of this.  Her experience is a modern experience when so many cannot believe, who gave up their faith or refuse to believe.  In our own families and amongst our friends we may be the ones to meet people who do not belief, who go through a dark night.  We can lend a hand.  With Saint Teresa let us pray for faith: “O Theresa of the Child Jesus, who, in your brief earthly life, became the mirror of heavenly goodness, of courageous love and of whole-hearted surrender to Almighty God.  Turn your eyes of mercy upon us who trust in you.”  Please click here to see this video.
The New Testament emphasises that the Risen Christ IS the same as the Crucified Christ (1 Cor 1: 18-25).  Our God is a god who has lived and suffered and died like us.  We trust that he will give us a share in his resurrection.  St. Martin of Tours one day had a vision.  A figure of light and glory appeared before him and said to him: I am the Risen Christ.  You come and follow me and obey me.  St. Martin looked at the figure.  Then he said: You are not Christ.  You are the devil in disguise.  And he was right.  The devil asked St. Martin: How do you know?  St. Martin answers: You are not wounded.  Saint Paul reminds us that our wounds and scars bring us closer to Christ.  As we draw our wounds of Christ videos to a close we pray that they have allowed you to reflect on your own wounds, brokenness and flaws and while doing so realise that Christ is there with you, to love you, to support you and to bring you to a place of healing if you reach out and ask him in prayer.  Please click here to see this last video.