Rainbows for Railings Initiative

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St. Teresa’s Church is displaying rainbows created by local parishioners and friends to cheer up those who pass by during the COVID-19 restrictions. The rainbow is a sign of beauty and peace that comes after a storm, it also reminds us of the story of Noah and the Ark and how God made a promise to protect his people always. Please feel free to add your own Rainbow to the Railings by leaving it in the Church, dropping it into the parish house or hanging it up yourself as you pass by. You can also email a photo of your picture to info@donoreavenueparish.ie or to pastoralsam@yahoo.ie or Facebook it or WhatsApp it to our Parish Pastoral Assistant Sam Byrne (number on request) and we can print it and hang it for you! These are some of the rainbows which have been received to date.