Saint Peter Chanel Statue

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On Thursday 6th January, the Feast of the Epiphany of the Lord, a new statue of the Marist Saint Peter Chanel was blessed and installed in St. Teresa's Church, Donore Avenue.

The statue was created on request by a very talented wood carver located in Bavaria, Germany, all made possible by the Kinahan, Schuch and Reiss families who commissioned, paid for and dedicated the statue in honour of their Mother and Father, Mary and Michael McQuaide, both of whom are active members and ministers in our Church with decades of service. We also remember their son-in-law John Kinahan (+rip) who was instrumental in its planning.

It is a very generous and special donation and a wonderful addition to the parish. We hope that this new statue will be a source of grace and blessing for the intentions of many generations of parishioners, friends and passers-by who visit the church. For the moment the statue is on a temporary stand while a new and fitting pedestal is on the way. The feast day of St. Peter Chanel is on the 28th April.

Donore Avenue is one of only two parishes run by the Marist Fathers in Ireland. The other is our sister parish in St. Brendan’s, Coolock.

Saint Peter Chanel was a Marist priest, missionary and martyr. His feast day is on 28 April. Born in France in 1803, he did pastoral work there for a few years after ordination, and then entered the Marist Society and was sent to Oceania. There was considerable resistance to missionaries at that time, though he did receive a few converts into the faith before he was clubbed to death on the island of Futuna in 1841. He was only 38.

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