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Lent 2017

The Meaning of Lent The English word ‘Lent’ comes from the Anglo-Saxon word Lencten, meaning ‘Spring’.  In other languages the word comes from the Latin, Quadragesima – a period of 40 days.  In the Christian tradition the forty days is understood to refer to a time of intense prayer and preparation; we remember the biblical […]

Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes – World Day of the Sick

Bernadette Soubirous was born of a very poor family in Lourdes, a small village at the foothills of the Pyrenees in the south of France.  It was on the 11th of February 1858, whilst she and her sisters went to collect brush wood for the house fire, that 14 year-old Bernadette saw the first of […]

Advent Reflections

The Meaning of Advent The word ‘Advent’ is from the Latin ‘Adventus,’ meaning ‘coming.’  Advent marks the beginning of a new Church year and lasts from the fourth Sunday before Christmas, until the celebration of the Nativity of Our Lord.  Advent is a period of preparation that directs our hearts and minds to the time […]

Jubilee of Mercy – Opportunity or Distraction?

The Jubilee of Mercy is an opportunity to remind ourselves that mercy and compassion are at the heart of the mission of Jesus in the world today.  We can be ‘missionaries of mercy’ in our everyday lives by the way we live and interact with others.  On the 3rd Sunday of Advent, 13th December, symbolic […]

Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

The feast of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary is celebrated on 21st November.  This celebration commemorates the presentation of the child Mary in the Temple in Jerusalem when she was three.  The feast was first kept in the eight century.  It symbolises the consecration of her life to the Lord.  It is the […]

November – the Month of the Holy Souls

There is an appointed time for everything, a time to be born and a time to die (Eccl 3). November, the month traditionally known as the month of the Holy Souls, offers us a prayerful time to remember our deceased loved ones who have gone to share the glory of the risen Christ.  As Christians […]

June – Month of the Sacred Heart

Traditionally, June is the month devoted to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  Of course, every month is a month to focus on God’s love for us, but June has been chosen because the feast day of the Sacred Heart falls  on the 12th.  This is the month to know we are loved and to make […]

The Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

The feast day of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary is celebrated on 31st May.  After the angel Gabriel had announced to Mary that she was to become the mother of Our Lord, Mary went from Galillee to Judea to visit her kinswoman Elizabeth, soon to be the mother of John the Baptist.  Elizabeth […]

Feast of the Annunciation – Saying Yes to God

Wednesday 25th March 2015 is the Feast of the Annunciation. At the Announciation, Mary’s consent was one of the most important moments in the history of salvation and in the unfolding of the Eucharistic mystery.  We call that moment her ‘fiat’, the first word in a Latin phrase taht means “Be it done unto me […]

Birth of John the Baptist – 24 June

Tuesday 24th of June is the Feast of the Birth of John the Baptist.  John’s mission had two facets.  First of all he called people to repentence and baptism.  Secondly, he prepared the way for Jesus.  In a way he was God’s spokesperson.  But that is not where it all ends.  God’s project of salvation […]